Proudly Trade Only

Plumbers Choice has been proudly Trade Only since we first opened back in 1996. Shortly after that we started to produce the Plumbers Choice Trade Only Newsletter.

176 Editions later and it has become a staple to plumbers Australia wide, a regular on the dunny floor, a frequent on trade counters. While we have no doubt some may end up in the bin, too many of you it has become a ritual to flick through once you grab it out of your letterbox. Despite so many religiously reading it, the message is still not clear, we still do not have a Trade Only industry.

We’d love to hear from you all, from those of you who support Trade Only but also from those of you who are happy to pay your licence fees and are subject to the bureaucratic overheads that plumbers have to deal with, just so you can support a supplier who will still sell to the public (Who not only¬† costs you work but also profits by selling products to your potential customer.)

So we’d love to hear why you support trade only or why you don’t and if so what more could be done?

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