Luke's Editoral

Where’s Jacko?

Plumbers Choice was the first Trade Only Plumbing Supplier in the country, it’s something to this day we are very proud of. Since then we are just as proud of the other suppliers who have followed suit in trying to change our industry for the better and have now become Trade Only also.

We still have to ask, Where are the industry’s biggest players? And why won’t they support a Trade Only industry?

Jacko has been a regular in our Magazines since day dot, he has been a symbol for a Trade Only Plumbing Industry. While the major suppliers are nowhere to be found, our friend Jacko is.

So in support of creating a stronger Plumbing Industry we are giving away a $500 Plumbers Choice Gift Voucher to the first Plumber to correctly identify how many Jacko’s are hidden throughout this edition of the magazine.

Simply email [email protected] with your guess of how many times Jacko features in this edition of the magazine, the first plumber to submit the correct answer WINS!*

*Entries only open to Plumbers Choice customers

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