Luke's Editoral

Plumbers Choice continuing to innovate the Plumbing Industry

At Plumbers Choice we are proud to offer the freshest and best new innovations to the plumbing industry. You could say it is part of our DNA. In the past 8 month we have introduced some gems. In case you missed them here is a quick summary. All seven innovations listed have had significant support from our Trade Only customers.

My personal favourite is the new Cylinder Strap. Why didn’t someone invent this 25 years ago? How many backs would have been saved? – See Page 32 of our Newsletter for more information.

Plumtool Flexible Mixer Tap Kit
Fits in your battery drill and gets you into tight places
See page 4 for more information

Press Slip Tee 20mm
Genius! The name says it all!
See back page for more details

White Washing Machine Cover Plate
For a more professional finish.
see page 23  for more details

Cover Plate For Corrugated Walls
Finally a solution for corrugated walls
See page 22 for more details

Pex Bag
Protect your pex. Allows for easy dispensing See page 3 for more details

Nipple Cutter With Clear Catcher
The new clear catcher is the best thing since… the invention of the nipple cutterSee page 4 for more details

PVC Auto CuttersQuick clean cut in confined spacesSee Page 20 for more information

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