2023 saw some uncertain times creep into our industry. Interest rate rises, new home builds slowing, builders going under and the cost of living increases, have started to take their toll on some plumbers and the industry. 

In these slower times Trade Only becomes even more of an imperative. Its proven that when times are getting tough and the general public feeling the pinch and licensed trade use drops. 

Not only is this a safety risk it trickles down to the plumber who loses out on work. 

What is 2024 going to bring? The industry has always had its peaks and troughs; we hope 2024 is a good year for all and for Trade Only. 

Luke Bolton
Director, Plumbers Choice


What a year it has been in the plumbing industry. Plenty of plumbers have felt the pinch from the flow on effect of interest rate rises, multiple builders collapsing and cost of living increases. It’s been a tough year for many which exemplifies the need to look after our livelihood and push for a Trade Only industry. Anything sold to a builder or the general public is money out of the plumbers’ pocket through missing work due to a DIY job, or missing the opportunity to add your mark-up on supplies.

We here at Plumbers Choice appreciate all the support you have given the Trade Only philosophy and us throughout 2023. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and may 2024 be a great year for our industry and Trade Only!

Luke Bolton
Director, Plumbers Choice

Stick it to DIY

Its estimated 34% of plumbing goods are still sold to the general public. Which clearly reflects the amount of unlicensed, unsafe plumbing work still being completed by DIYers. 

We at Plumbers Choice know you, the plumbers, have bought into Trade Only. You clearly see the benefits to yourself, the industry and the community. But with so much DIY plumbing work still taking place the message is obviously not clear to everyone else. 

So it’s time to spread the word. And you can get your hands on a $500 Plumbers Choice Gift Voucher by doing so. We have included a “Stay safe, call a Licensed Plumber” sticker with every edition of this magazine. 

Simply stick your sticker on your truck, the local hardware counter, or heck, even your apprentice and then send a photo of where you’ve stuck it to: [email protected] before October 31st 2023 for your chance to win! 

Let’s stick it to DIY and support Trade Only! 

Luke Bolton
Director, Plumbers Choice

Is Trade Only clear to you?

Plumbers Choice first opened its doors in 1996. Back then many plumbers din’t understand the Trade Only concepts they couldn’t see the benefit to both themselves and the industry as a whole, that supporting Trade Only not only protected the community but also their own livelihoods.

Back in the ’90’s when we started the Trade Only message, Magic Eye books were new and exciting. If you focused on the image enough you would see the hidden image emerge. Our front cover of this Edition is not only a nostalgic representation of when we started but it also represents how many of you can now clearly see the benefits of Trade Only.

We want to thank all you plumbers who support Trade Only. We were the original Trade Only Plumbing Supplier in Australia but with your support for the cause we have now seen other Merchants becoming Trade Only which is great for you, and the industry itself!

Natural gas is an excellent transitional fuel

Natural gas is an excellent transitional fuel that can complement renewable energy sources, especially for households that use gas for cooking in the evening when the sun isn’t shining.

Natural gas is a relatively clean burning fossil fuel compared to coal and oil, releasing 50% less pollutants and greenhouse gases. It is also abundant and affordable, making it a reliable energy source while countries work to expand renewable energy production. Its low cost and availability mean it can help reduce electricity prices, making it a responsible and sensible choice for households.

Additionally, the gas infrastructure that has already been paid for (both financially and in carbon inputs) takes pressure off our electrical network that will come under increasing load in the coming years as we transition to renewables.

Of course, at Plumbers Choice we protect plumbers and gas fitters who are doing this important work by never selling to the general public.

Our goal is to change the way plumbing goods are sold in Australia to a Trade Only Industry


Trade Only isn’t just a marketing ploy, it’s our goal.

To change the way plumbing supplies are sold in Australia to a trade only industry.

And sometimes that’s not all peachy. Every week we knock back sales, deal with the public wasting our time, put up with builders getting abusive that we won’t sell to them and receive negative reviews like the example on the cover.

You need to show ID to buy alcohol, you need a licence to buy a gun, heck, you even need a permit to keep a blue tongue lizard as a pet. So how is it still not required to have a plumbing licence to buy plumbing supplies.

Help us fight the good fight, support trade only suppliers and let’s make Trade Only the industry standard to keep Ren from doing DIY plumbing and Ren’s son off the booze!


Its a New Year but we have the same goal

To change the way plumbing supplies are sold in Australia, to a trade only industry.

NO DIY is something Plumbers Choice is very passionate about. Many people don’t believe we turn away weekend warriors, home handymen, builders and more each and every day. 

In Australia over 3,300 people are hospitalised each year as a result of doing DIY work. With a large number of these being plumbing work. 

So while some suppliers are after a quick buck and will sell to anyone, our Trade Only policy is extremely strict.

A quick buck is not worth a life, nor is it worth ruining our industry. We want to support those who support us and try to help ensure there are not only less DIY deaths but plumbers’ livelihoods are protected too so the industry can be as strong as ever for the next generation of plumbers.


Next Generation Plumbers’

Plumbers Choice has been proudly Trade Only since we opened our doors. Only selling to licensed plumbers is not only our way to support the industry but our way to help the industry grow and protect its future.

The future of plumbing is in the next generation of plumbers’ hands, so what better way to promote the plumbing industry to our future generations of plumbers than with a Christmas themed colouring competition!

To enter, simply send a photo of your next generation plumber with their coloured in front cover of this magazine to [email protected] and place an order with Plumbers Choice before December 31st 2022.

A winner will be drawn on January 13th 2023 with a $50 Toyworld voucher going to our next generation plumber and a $250 Plumbers Choice voucher to their current generation plumber. So big kids, little kids and our industry are all winners!


Plumbers Choice continuing to innovate the Plumbing Industry

At Plumbers Choice we are proud to offer the freshest and best new innovations to the plumbing industry. You could say it is part of our DNA. In the past 8 month we have introduced some gems. In case you missed them here is a quick summary. All seven innovations listed have had significant support from our Trade Only customers.

My personal favourite is the new Cylinder Strap. Why didn’t someone invent this 25 years ago? How many backs would have been saved? – See Page 32 of our Newsletter for more information.

Plumtool Flexible Mixer Tap Kit
Fits in your battery drill and gets you into tight places
See page 4 for more information

Press Slip Tee 20mm
Genius! The name says it all!
See back page for more details

White Washing Machine Cover Plate
For a more professional finish.
see page 23  for more details

Cover Plate For Corrugated Walls
Finally a solution for corrugated walls
See page 22 for more details

Pex Bag
Protect your pex. Allows for easy dispensing See page 3 for more details

Nipple Cutter With Clear Catcher
The new clear catcher is the best thing since… the invention of the nipple cutterSee page 4 for more details

PVC Auto CuttersQuick clean cut in confined spacesSee Page 20 for more information

Where’s Jacko?

Plumbers Choice was the first Trade Only Plumbing Supplier in the country, it’s something to this day we are very proud of. Since then we are just as proud of the other suppliers who have followed suit in trying to change our industry for the better and have now become Trade Only also.

We still have to ask, Where are the industry’s biggest players? And why won’t they support a Trade Only industry?

Jacko has been a regular in our Magazines since day dot, he has been a symbol for a Trade Only Plumbing Industry. While the major suppliers are nowhere to be found, our friend Jacko is.

So in support of creating a stronger Plumbing Industry we are giving away a $500 Plumbers Choice Gift Voucher to the first Plumber to correctly identify how many Jacko’s are hidden throughout this edition of the magazine.

Simply email [email protected] with your guess of how many times Jacko features in this edition of the magazine, the first plumber to submit the correct answer WINS!*

*Entries only open to Plumbers Choice customers