Blockhead Lugged Elbow

At Plumbers Choice we love innovation. You could say innovation is built into our DNA. It’s our delight in bringing new ideas to market that make the lives of plumbers easier or more productive. Not every product we have promoted has been a world beater. In fact, I am first to admit some we have supported have been duds. The fact that some innovations have a meteoric rise and some flop is part of the excitement of bringing innovations to market. I also love the fact that plumbers are always willing to consider a new concept. I think this is because Plumbers, by their nature, are entrepreneurial. Many plumbers run their own businesses and are always looking for ways to do their job faster or in a better way. 

This month we are proud to be bringing to market the Blockhead Lugged Elbow. You can simply use the Blockhead as you have always used a lugged elbow, that is, fix it to a noggin in the traditional method. The benefit of the Blockhead is that it can be fixed in other ways, to studs and to carpenters noggins. This means it can reduce the number of noggins required. When you consider the huge number of lugged elbows used every day and the potential labour saving, you can see why we are excited about the Blockhead. 

We believe the Blockhead will be available early next year in a PEX system for water and gas. If you are interested in receiving more information please talk to your rep or flick us an email [email protected] 


Extendo Hose

At Plumbers Choice we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of innovation. We love giving our customers the Trade Only advantage. Part of what we offer our customers nationally is instant access to plumbing innovations that make your lives easier. This month we are proud to be offering new generation Extendo Gas Connectors. These connectors can be extended from 600mm to 1200mm. You will always have the right length of connector.

Luke Bolton
Director, Plumbers Choice