Luke's Editoral


At Plumbers Choice we never run out of stock! Our centralised warehouses mean that the gear you need is not spread all over the country in 500 far flung locations. Place an order with us and your gear will arrive in full, every time. We understand premium plumbing systems are an essential part of a modern community. We take our part in the plumber’s
supply chain seriously and we won’t let you down.
If you would like to get the Plumbers Choice Trade Only advantage, maybe now is a great time to give us a try. We understand the importance of high quality plumbing

You may have heard some of these comments from other suppliers.

“We don’t have them on the shelf but I should be able to get some in soon”
“You could pick some up from our branch down the road”
“We don’t have any but let me check the system”
“yeh, no problem, about a month to 6 weeks”

At Plumbers Choice we always have stock. Our centralised
warehouses mean that we never run out of stock.
The last couple of years have proven that good plumbing is more essential than ever before. We take pride in assisting you achieve this.

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