Luke's Editoral

Trade Only Survey

Have you ever tried to support a Trade Only plumbing supplies?

If the answer is “never”, we want to hear from you. At Plumbers Choice we understand we are not the biggest player in the plumbing supplies game. Often, we¬† are not as convenient as other suppliers and we are not always the cheapest. What separates us from every other plumbing supplies in the country is that we will never sell to your customers. You will never lose a job to a DIYer who has bought their plumbing gear from us. If you call us for the first time and make us one of your suppliers, you will also have that warm feeling inside that you have supported your trade. You will have moved the industry one step closer to being a Trade Only industry.

Jump online at or give us a call on 03 9720 8274

You can make a difference!

Luke Bolton
Director – Plumbers Choice

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