Luke's Editoral

We have been around for 27 years and a new generation of Plumbers is supporting Trade Only.

Plumbers Choice has been around for over 27 years now. That’s 27 years of Trade Only. We have seen many changes over the years within our industry.
We’ve seen the evolution of plumbing products, soldering transition to press, the old fashioned paper diaries disappearing with the emergence of phones and iPads, but the thing that pulls
on the heart strings the most is the changing of the guard to future generations. 

We have seen many businesses come and go, many plumbers retire but we love to see when it stays in the family. We’ve been lucky enough to deal with many plumbers who have
followed in their father’s footsteps, some have even continued the legacy for 3 generations and all have supported Trade Only.
So this Edition’s cover is dedicated to all those multi-generations plumbing companies who have passed down their business but also passed on the Trade Only legacy! 

You are all changing an industry for the better!


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