Luke's Editoral

Stick it to DIY

Its estimated 34% of plumbing goods are still sold to the general public. Which clearly reflects the amount of unlicensed, unsafe plumbing work still being completed by DIYers. 

We at Plumbers Choice know you, the plumbers, have bought into Trade Only. You clearly see the benefits to yourself, the industry and the community. But with so much DIY plumbing work still taking place the message is obviously not clear to everyone else. 

So it’s time to spread the word. And you can get your hands on a $500 Plumbers Choice Gift Voucher by doing so. We have included a “Stay safe, call a Licensed Plumber” sticker with every edition of this magazine. 

Simply stick your sticker on your truck, the local hardware counter, or heck, even your apprentice and then send a photo of where you’ve stuck it to: [email protected] before October 31st 2023 for your chance to win! 

Let’s stick it to DIY and support Trade Only! 

Luke Bolton
Director, Plumbers Choice

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