Luke's Editoral

Its a New Year but we have the same goal

To change the way plumbing supplies are sold in Australia, to a trade only industry.

NO DIY is something Plumbers Choice is very passionate about. Many people don’t believe we turn away weekend warriors, home handymen, builders and more each and every day. 

In Australia over 3,300 people are hospitalised each year as a result of doing DIY work. With a large number of these being plumbing work. 

So while some suppliers are after a quick buck and will sell to anyone, our Trade Only policy is extremely strict.

A quick buck is not worth a life, nor is it worth ruining our industry. We want to support those who support us and try to help ensure there are not only less DIY deaths but plumbers’ livelihoods are protected too so the industry can be as strong as ever for the next generation of plumbers.


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