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Magno Bucket Movie
Rapid Bore Movie
Spindle Access Drill Movie
Right Angled Test Plug
Gully Grabber Movie
Tube Spanner Kit
Seal N Clean Kit Video
Wonder Juice VS Tube Paste
Mixer Tap Socket Set Kit (Deluxe)
Nipple Cutter

Australia's 1st Trade Only Plumbing Supplies.

Our Goal: To change the way plumbing supplies are sold in Australia,
to a Trade Only industry.

Trade Only Plumbing Supplies


Here is why we are Trade Only

The policy protects you, the tradesmen.

Under the policy tradesmen do not lose work to unqualified handymen.

This policy allows tradesmen to make a reasonable margin on the materials they supply to a job.

It protects the public from unsafe installations and work practices.

It prevents unfair competition from unqualified handymen who are not subject to all the licensing and bureaucratic
overheads that qualified plumbers deal with.

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